Commercial Testing

water quality testing

Water Analysis for Commercial Applications

Businesses that rely on water wells are required to perform bacteria testing at least annually. Contact your local office of the Virginia Department of Health or the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for specific requirements applicable to your needs or situation. Biotech Laboratory, LLC also performs testing for new utility connections and other commercial applications. We provide the same quality service to business and residential clients alike.

If you need well water testing, depend on Biotech Laboratory, LLC in Chesterfield, VA. We make the testing process simple, fast and affordable to you. If your water supply is not potable (i.e. unsanitary), then we can help guide you to resources to help identify, correct and resolve the problem.

We test for:
• Coliform Bacteria
E. Coli Bacteria
• Lead
• Nitrate
• Nitrite
• pH
• Other chemicals

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